Odyssey Graduates’ News: Publications and Sales

Recent/Upcoming Publications


James Maxey, class of 1998
Dragonseed: A Novel of the Dragon Age
Published by: Solaris Books
Release Date: June 30, 2009
James’s website: http://dragonprophet.blogspot.com/

Luisa Prieto, class of 2002
Written In Blood
Published by: Amber Allure
Release Date: Available Now!
Luisa’s website: http://www.luisaprieto.com/

Short Stories

David H. Hendrickson, class of 2006
“Last Waltz”
Published by: AlienSkin Magazine

Larry Hodges, class of 2006
“An Earlier Inconvenient Truth”
Published by: Hypersonic Tales
Larry’s website: http://www.larryhodges.org

Justin Howe, class of 2005
“Nightmare’s Daughter”
Anthology: Cinema Spec: Tales of Hollywood and Fantasy
Published by: Raven Electrick Ink
Justin’s website: http://justinhowe.livejournal.com/

Lancer Kind, class of 2006
“Memory’s Victims”
Anthology: The Book of Exodi: Tales of Mass Exdous
Published by: Eposic
Lancer’s wesbite: http://www.lancerkind.com/

Brian Rappatta, class of 2004
“The Reanimation Emporium”
Published by Steampunk Tales, Issue #1
Brian’s website: http://www.brianrappatta.com/

Jason S. Ridler, class of 2005
“Charlatans and Magi”
Published by: Flashquake
Jason’s website: http://jsridler.livejournal.com/

Bob Sojka, class of 2008
“The Attraction of Heavenly Bodies”
Published by: New Myths


Justin Howe, class of 2005
“John Harwood’s The Séance
Published by: Tor.com

Elaine Isaak, class of 1997
“Fantasy Women: Then and Now”
Published by: AlienSkin Magazine
Elaine’s website: www.elaineisaak.com/

Jason S. Ridler, class of 2005
“From the Dark Side of the Tracks: Nelson Algren”
Published by: Fearzone


Beneath Ceaseless Skies
Edited and Published by Scott H. Andrews, class of 2005
Issue #18: June 04, 2009
Issue #19: June 18, 2009

New Myths
Edited by Scott T. Barnes, class of 2008
Issue #7

Recent Sales

Barbara A. Barnett, class of 2007
“The Rite of Life-Giving” to Flashing Swords

A. D. Cahill, class of 2008
“Four Reasons Why I’m Getting Rid Of My Zombies By Me Jon Jacobson” to Dog Oil Press

Ellen Denham, class of 2006
“The Mouths” to Hypersonic Tales

Carl Frederick, class of 2000
“A Sound Basis for Misunderstanding” to Analog Science Fiction and Fact

Dave H. Hendrickson, class of 2006
“Tommy Tilt’s Phone” to Poker Player

Jason S. Ridler, class of 2005
“Anodos Amongst the Elves” to New Myths

Congratulations to all of our graduates for their successes, both past and upcoming! If you’re interested in seeing a full list of sales and publications, please visit our Graduates’ Publications page here!

For more information about Odyssey, its graduates and instructors, please visit our website at http://www.odysseyworkshop.org.


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