Odyssey Graduates’ News: Publications and Sales

Recent/Upcoming Publications


Luisa Prieto, class of 2002
Dark Designs
Published by: MLR Press
Release Date: Available Now!
Luisa’s website: http://www.luisaprieto.com/

Short Stories

Barbara A. Barnett, class of 2007
“The Name of Trust”
Published by: Alternative Coordinates, Issue #5
Barbara’s website: http://www.babarnett.com/

Carl Frederick, class of 2000
“The Long Way Around”
Published by: Analog Science Fiction and Fact, July/August 2010
Carl’s website: http://www.darkzoo.net/

Kate Marshall, class of 2005
“Dearest Daughter”
Published by: Nossa Morte, May 2010

James Maxey, class of 1998
“Return to Sender”
Published by: Intergalactic Medicine Show, Issue #16
James’s website: http://dragonprophet.blogspot.com/

Lisa Poh, class of 2009
Published by: Expanded Horizons, May 2010
Lisa’s website: http://lishwrite.livejournal.com/

Carrie Vaughn, class of 1998
“Wild Ride”
Anthology: Running with the Pack
Published by: Prime Books
Carrie’s website: http://www.carrievaughn.com/


Jason S. Ridler, class of 2005
“Three the Hard Way: How Tom Piccirilli, Norm Partridge, and Gary
Braunbeck Survived the Death of the Horror Boom and Made Their Voices

Published by: Dark Scribe Magazine
Jason’s website: http://jsridler.livejournal.com/


Beneath Ceaseless Skies
Edited and Published by Scott H. Andrews, class of 2005
Issue #42: May 6, 2010
Issue #43: May 20, 2010

Recent Sales

Scott H. Andrews, class of 2005
“The Very Strange Weird of Endart Sscowth” to Space and Time

Larry Hodges, class of 2006
“Pruning for Gold” to New Myths

Erin Hoffman, class of 2005
Sword of Fire and Sea to Pyr Books
“In Lixus, Close to Waking” to Triangulation: End of the Rainbow

Krista Hoeppner Leahy, class of 2007
“Too Fatal a Poison” to The Way of the Wizard Anthology

Jason S. Ridler, class of 2005
“Last Waltz” to Chilling Tales Anthology
“Waltzing the Tempest” to Not One of Us

Matthew S. Rotundo, class of 1998
“Right Before Your Very Eyes” to Intergalactic Medicine Show

William T. Vandemark, class of 2007
“Apple Pie” to Boston Literary Magazine
“Forcing Coin” to Intergalactic Medicine Show


Carl Frederick, class of 2000
Best Short Story for “The Universe Beneath Our Feet” at Analog‘s¬†Analytical Laboratory (AnLab) Awards

Congratulations to all of our graduates for their successes, both past and upcoming! If you’re interested in seeing a full list of sales and publications, please visit our Graduates’ Publications page here!

For more information about Odyssey, its graduates and instructors, please visit our website at http://www.odysseyworkshop.org



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