Odyssey Graduates’ News: Publications and Sales

Recent/Upcoming Publications

Short Stories

Barbara A. Barnett, class of 2007
“The Wounded House”
Published by: Black Static, Issue 20
Barbara’s website: http://www.babarnett.com/

David J. Corwell, class of 2001
“Conqueror of Shadows”
Published by: Tales of the Talisman Magazine, Volume VI, Issue 2
David’s website: http://booktour.com/author/david_j_corwell

David J. Corwell, class of 2001
“The Harvest”
Anthology: Daily Flash 2011: 365 Days of Flash Fiction
Published by: Daily Flash Publications (Pill Hill Press)

David J. Corwell, class of 2001
Anthology: Dia de los Muertos
Published by: Elektrik Milk Bath Press

Michael J. DeLuca, class of 2005
“The Driftwood Chair”
Published by: Fantastique Unfettered, Issue #1
Michael’s website: http://www.michaeljdeluca.com/

Larry Hodges, class of 2006
“A Meteor Will Kill You in Five Minutes”
Published by: Aoife’s Kiss, December 2010
Larry’s website: http://www.larryhodges.org

Kelli D. Meyer, class of 2009
“Puppet Play”
Published by: Wily Writers
Kelli’s website: http://www.kellidmeyer.com/

Jason S. Ridler, class of 2005
“Showing Light”
Anthology: 2020 Visions
Published by: M-Brane Press
Jason’s website: http://jsridler.livejournal.com/

Bob Sojka, class of 2008
“The Last Homecoming”
Published by: New Myths, Issue #13

Eric James Stone, class of 2007
“Buy You a Mockingbird”
Published by: Daily Science Fiction
Eric’s website: http://www.ericjamesstone.com

Susan Abel Sullivan, class of 2005
“Giving Up the Ghost”
Published by: New Myths, Issue #13

Carrie Vaughn, class of 1998
Anthology: Brave New Worlds: Dystopian Stories
Published by: Night Shade Books
Carrie’s website: http://www.carrievaughn.com/


Susan Abel Sullivan, class of 2005
“A Night at the Drive-In”
Published by: New Myths, Issue #13


Beneath Ceaseless Skies
Edited and Published by Scott H. Andrews, class of 2005
Issue #57: December 2, 2010
Issue #58: December 16, 2010
Issue #59: December 30, 2010

New Myths
Edited by Scott T. Barnes, class of 2008
Issue #13

Recent Sales

Barbara A. Barnett, class of 2007
“God’s Gift to Women” to Daily Science Fiction

David J. Corwell, class of 2001
“Successful Book Signings: The Personal Touch” to Many Genres, One Craft: Lessons in Writing Popular Fiction
“Gremma’s Hands” to Voices of New Mexico

Carl Frederick, class of 2000
“Afterlives of Schroedinger’s Cat” to Spectra Magazine
“Howl of the Seismologist” to ESLI
“Helix of Friends” to Analog Science Fiction and Fact

Regina Glei, Odyssey Online Class
“Snotcreek Valley” to The Dark Fiction Spotlight

Congratulations to all of our graduates for their successes, both past and upcoming! If you’re interested in seeing a full list of sales and publications, please visit our Graduates’ Publications page here!

For more information about Odyssey, its graduates and instructors, please visit our website at http://www.odysseyworkshop.org



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