Odyssey Podcast #155: Nancy Kress

mp3 Odyssey Podcast #155

Photo by Mary Grace Long

Odyssey Podcast #155 is an excerpt from a lecture by Nancy Kress for Your Personal Odyssey in 2023 on how to characterize with details.

Nancy is the author of thirty-five books, including twenty-eight novels, four collections of short stories, and three books on writing. Her work has won six Nebulas (for “Beggars in Spain,” “The Flowers of Aulit Prison,” “Out of All Them Bright Stars,” “Fountain of Age,” “The Erdmann Nexus,” and “Yesterday’s Kin”); two Hugos (for “Beggars in Spain” and “The Erdmann Nexus”); a Sturgeon (for “The Flowers of Aulit Prison”); and the John W. Campbell Memorial Award (for Probability Space). In 2015, Subterranean Press released a 200,000-word volume of The Best of Nancy Kress with a gorgeous Tom Canty cover. Her most recent work is Observer, a novel about the nature of consciousness, reality, and love, co-written with eminent genetics scientist Dr. Robert Lanza.

Nancy is also the author of over a hundred short stories. Her work has been translated into Swedish, Danish, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Polish, Croatian, Chinese, Lithuanian, Romanian, Japanese, Korean, Hebrew, Russian, Hungarian, and Klingon, none of which she can read. 

Much—though not all—of her later work concerns genetic engineering. She has contributed stories on this topic to an anthology based on Microsoft’s Advanced Research division and to one created by the magazine ECONOMIST to showcase tech developments in the year 2050, among others. She is on the board of SF Advisors to the X-Prize.

In addition to writing, Nancy often teaches at various venues around the country and abroad; in 2008 she was the Picador visiting lecturer at the University of Leipzig. In January, 2017, she taught a week-long writing workshop in Beijing. Every summer, she and Walter Jon Williams co-teach a two-week intensive SF-writing course in New Mexico, Taos Toolbox.

Nancy lives in Seattle with her husband, writer Jack Skillingstead, and Pippin, a very indulged long-haired Chihuahua.

The text of this recording is copyright © 2023 by Nancy Kress. The sound recording is copyright ℗ 2023 by Odyssey Writing Workshops Charitable Trust.

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