The Odyssey Writing Workshop

OdboatTHE ODYSSEY WRITING WORKSHOPS CHARITABLE TRUST offers in-person workshops, online classes, critiques, and other resources to help writers of fantasy, science fiction, and horror improve their work.

2018 Summer Workshop: June 4 through July 13, 2018
Early Action Application Deadline: January 31, 2018
Regular Application Deadline: April 7, 2018

The annual summer writing workshop is an in-person, six-week workshop held on the campus of Saint Anselm College, Manchester, NH. Guest Lecturers for the 2018 Summer Workshop included some of the top teachers in the field: award-winning authors Elizabeth Hand, Theodora GossE. C. Ambrose, and Gary A. Braunbeck; New York Times bestselling author Meagan Spooner; and editor-in-chief and publisher of the award-winning online fantasy magazine Beneath Ceaseless Skies Scott H. Andrews. We also had bestselling author Dan Chaon and award-winning author Nisi Shawl as virtual guests via Skype.

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Next Online Classes & Webinars: 

The deadline has passed to apply for Winter 2018 online classes. Watch this blog for our 2019 online offerings.

WEBINAR: Creating Characters and Character Arcs
Instructor: Meagan Spooner
Registration: Writers may register for this recorded session at any time
Level: Intermediate

WEBINAR: Productivity for Writers
Instructor: Alex Hughes
Registration: Writers may register for this recorded session at any time
Level: Intermediate

A Message from Jeanne Cavelos, Director:

The Odyssey Writing Workshops Charitable Trust is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization formed with a simple yet inspiring mission: to help developing writers of fantasy, science fiction, and horror improve their work.

If you’re a writer of fantastic fiction, Odyssey’s programs and resources are designed to help you take your writing to the next level. Odyssey is based on the principle that the journey to become the best writer one can be is lifelong. If a writer wants to reach his full potential, to have his work live and grow along with him, he needs to constantly strive to improve. Because of this, the Odyssey Writing Workshops Charitable Trust offers feedback and guidance to writers at all levels, from beginners to successful professionals.

Odyssey offers a variety of programs for writers:

*Odyssey Writing Workshop: Our intensive, six-week, in-person workshop is held each summer in Manchester, NH, and is widely considered one of the top workshops in the world for writers of fantasy, science fiction, and horror. It is intended for writers whose work is nearing publication quality and for published writers who want to improve their work.

*Odyssey Online Classes: Several online courses are offered each winter. Each course is focused on a specific element of fiction writing and designed for writers at a particular skill level, from beginner to advanced. Courses are rigorous and demanding, and include live class interaction between students and the instructor.

*Odyssey Critique Service: Any writer can receive professional-level feedback on his fiction writing through our critique service. Critiquers are graduates of the Odyssey Writing Workshop who have gone on to successful careers as professional writers. Critiques are thorough, specific, and in-depth.

*Odyssey Coaching: Odyssey graduate Sherry Peters’ coaching focuses on helping you discover what’s holding you back from writing more and providing the tools and support to overcome those obstacles.

Odyssey also offers many free resources for writers, in addition to our WordPress blog:

*Odyssey Podcasts: These audio excerpts from lectures by guest writers, editors, and agents at the Odyssey Writing Workshop provide a wonderful educational resource. You’ll find a new podcast posted every month or two.

*Writing Tips and Publishing Tips: As time allows, new tips are posted, offering valuable information. Tips cover issues ranging from grammatical topics like Punctuation and Sentence Unity, to story-focused topics such as Outlining Your Plot and Active Versus Reactive Characters, to publication topics such as Standard Manuscript Format and Frequently Asked Questions about Literary Agents.

*Just for Fun: This resource provides quick, easy writing exercises and ideas to help get your creative juices flowing, to give you ideas, and to help you focus on various specific aspects of your writing. Check in periodically for new entries.

*Links: Our links page helps to connect you with other helpful writing sites.

*E-Newsletter: Our newsletter provides the latest information on all Odyssey programs and events, as well as writing and publishing advice, news about Odyssey graduates, and alerts about new markets, agents, and resources. It is sent out about four times per year.

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