Graduate’s Corner: When Is It Time to Move On? by James Maxey

James Maxey attended the Odyssey Writing Workshop in 1998. He’s gone on to publish stories in a score of magazines and anthologies, and eight novels to date. His currently available novels are the superhero tales Nobody Gets the Girl and Burn Baby Burn, and two fantasy series, the Dragon Age trilogy of Bitterwood, Dragonforge, and Dragonseed, and the Dragon Apocalypse series that debuted in 2012 with Greatshadow, Hush, and the soon to be released Witchbreaker. For more information on his writing, visit

I never sold the first novel I wrote. Continue reading “Graduate’s Corner: When Is It Time to Move On? by James Maxey”

The 2009 Experience

The 2009 class of the Odyssey Writing Workshop just graduated in July, and we thought you might like to hear what some of the newest members have to say about their experience:

Meg Spooner

Make no mistake, Odyssey will tear away all your comforting delusions about yourself as a writer. But something happens along the way, a painful–but ultimately hugely rewarding–process of discovering true worth, ability, and uniqueness that replaces those false delusions with the truth: you have a story to tell, and only you can tell it.

Travis Heermann
Author, Heart of the Ronin

I would recommend Odyssey to anyone who wants to write science fiction, fantasy, or horror professionally. Your writing will make quantum leaps in quality during a challenging six weeks. Continue reading “The 2009 Experience”

Graduates’ Experiences

Now available on the Odyssey website are two new essays from our graduates describing their Odyssey experiences. If you want to know what Odyssey is REALLY like, check out the following:

Jason Ridler, class of 2005
To Experiment is to Grow: One Value of Odyssey

Rebecca Shelley, pen name R.D. Henham, class of 2001
Getting the Vision onto the Paper

To read other accounts by Odyssey graduates, please check out our Graduates’ Experiences page on the Odyssey website.