Graduate’s Corner: Odyssey–The Journey, by B. Lynch

Brian LynchB. Lynch is a YA/MG fantasy writer from New Jersey and a 2015 Odyssey Writing Workshop graduate. His latest book, King Callie, can be found on Amazon or Barnes and; since his Odyssey classmates challenged him to become the Michael Bay of fantasy novels, he’s currently working on an MG manuscript involving goat-poop powered mechas and gratuitous amounts of explosions.

There were three things I noticed immediately about the Odyssey Writing Workshop class of 2015: we weren’t short on creativity, odd careers, or punctuality. Continue reading “Graduate’s Corner: Odyssey–The Journey, by B. Lynch”

Graduate’s Corner: The Six-Week Odyssey, by Arley Sorg

Odblog - Arley Sorg

Arley Sorg is a graduate of the 2014 Odyssey Writing Workshop.  He grew up in England, Hawaii, and Colorado.  He hangs out at SF/ Bay Area cafes.  He often writes about identity and society, using the context of horror, science fiction, fantasy, and all the cool stuff that blurs and blends.  He leans towards darker stories, but retains the right to defy expectations in any way he pleases.

For more:

Most likely, you think you know something about writing.

Perhaps you have moments where you glide on the hot winds of elation, followed by crashes into complex canyons of doubt.

Whether you scribble stories into a secret notebook, or have published work that readers and writers praise, or anything in-between or beyond, you probably have more to learn than you think. Continue reading “Graduate’s Corner: The Six-Week Odyssey, by Arley Sorg”

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